21-25 May 2022
Celeros Flow Technology
Charlotte, United States
Sector: Basic
Hall: Hall F | Stand: 5335

Product Description

The DSCV-SA (Direct Steam Conditioning Valve - Steam Atomization) is a leading, world class product that embraces the demands of operational excellence, very tight shut off, eliminates thermal shocks, high rangeability, size and installation flexibility combined with low maintenance.

The Copes-Vulcan Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating Valve known as the DSCV-SA, is of angle style construction with the steam inlet through the branch connection and the steam outlet through the in-line connection. The connections can be either flanged or butt welded depending upon the customer preference. The units are manufactured in two parts to allow for greater customer flexibility. The high pressure side of the unit is of cast or forged construction with the lower pressure outlet section being of fabricated construction.

The valve is provided with a bolted bonnet closure for pressure ratings up to and including ANSI 900# and a pressure seal closure for ratings ANSI 1500# up to and including ANSI 4500# rating. The valve can be fitted with single stage HUSH, multi stage HUSH or Copes Vulcan RAVEN trim technology depending upon the pressure drop and to meet the requirements of specific noise levels. The valve is provided with high pressure balancing, single seat trim construction utilising a tandem trim pilot operated concept ensuring tight and repeatable class V shutoff per ANSI/FCI 70-2.
Direct Steam Conditioning Valve - Steam Atomization (DSCV-SA)
Direct Steam Conditioning Valve - Steam Atomization (DSCV-SA)
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