21-25 May 2022
Hotstart Thermal Management
Spokane, United States
Sector: Preferred
Hall: Hall E | Stand: 4238

Product Description

The CKM model heater is designed to be a true drop-in replacement for legacy convection-based systems. Featuring a mechanically-driven pump and a custom-designed pump volute mated to a stainless-steel tank, the CKM retains similar dimensions and options to convection systems. It can also be installed vertically or horizontally, making the upgrade to an efficient forced circulation system quick and easy. Designed for an extended operating life and peace of mind, the CKM offers access to all major operating components and includes a built-in air bleed screw and resettable high-limit thermostat.
HOTflow CKM Coolant Heater HOTflow CKM Coolant Heater
HOTflow CKM Coolant Heater
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