21-25 May 2022
Hotstart Thermal Management
Spokane, United States
Sector: Preferred
Hall: Hall E | Stand: 4238

Product Description

Hotstart's industrial temperature control unit provides cooling and heating of water/glycol mixtures for liquid-based thermal management for battery energy storage applications. Consisting of a hermetic vapor compression system, pump, and full controls, the system has cooling and heating capacity up to 4 kW*. The unit is rated to UL1995 standards.

The unit’s controls integrate with the battery energy storage system (BESS), optimizing battery temperature based on operating conditions to maximize battery performance. The battery module, coolant, and enclosure temperatures are continuously monitored. When needed, temperature control is initiated before the coolant temperature changes, compensating for the inherent time lag in liquid thermal capacity. Overall, the system optimizes battery temperature while using a lower parasitic load then standard HVAC systems.

The high heat capacity of coolant paired with proper thermal coupling at the modules minimizes temperature variation during charge and discharge. Batteries benefit from the thermal management unit running during balancing, ensuring battery cell temperatures are consistent system wide. Charge/ discharge capacity is maximized when kept at consistent temperatures, extending battery life.

* Cooling/heating capacity dependent on ambient temperatures
Liquid Thermal Management Cooler/Heater
Liquid Thermal Management Cooler/Heater
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